Pedi- Refresh

Cool it {refreshing options to treat tired feet}

Soak, scrub and chill with Gena’s professional pedicure spa trio of cooling foot revivers, infused with energizing tea tree oil, eucalyptus and menthol. Cool your heels with Gena for the perfect pedicure.

Step 1 (Pedi Soak):

Mix 14 mL / .5 fl oz of Pedi Soak into warm water foot bath. Allow feet to soak for 5-10 minutes before beginning foot care service. When using an aerated bath use 7 mL / .25 fl oz to prevent excess foaming.

Step 2 (Pedi Scrub):

Lightly massage approximately 7g / .25 oz of Pedi Scrub onto damp feet, concentrating primarily on the calloused area of the foot.

Step 3 (Pedi Ice):

Apply 7g / .25 oz of Pedi Ice to legs and feet and lightly massage into skin (apply more if needed).