Pedi Spa Pedicure System


Travel size Spa Pedicure System infused with an Argan Oil complex that will nourish, revitalize and saturate skin paired with a combination of Lavender, Mint, Eucalyptus and Green Tea that will tantalize the senses.

Item Number: 04063

How to Use

Step 1-Soak: Pour approximately 5 shakes of product into foot bath. Allow feet to soak for 5-10 minutes before beginning foot care service. Step 2-Scrub: Stir contents before use. Apply to towel dried skin, smooth over foot and lower leg and gently massage into skin. For softer exfoliation slightly dampen the skin or add water. Rinse in foot bath with soap and water. Step 3-Mask: Apply a thin coat to dry foot and ankle and wrap with a towel or plastic bag. After 5-10 minutes, immerse foot into bath and use a towel or scrub brush to remove mask. Step 4-Creme: Apply generously to feet and legs. Use your favorite massage technique. After massage is complete, remove any excess product with a warm damp towel.



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