Hydrate & Soothe
Mani-Pedi Pop Mimosa Mousse Bubbly Lotion


Cheers to a refreshing, new way to moisturize with Mani-Pedi Pop Bubbly Lotion for legs and feet! The effervescent formula is available in two fresh scents: sweet and citrus Mimosa Mousse and cool and juicy Bellini Bubbles. Elevate your pedicure experience with these unique and invigorating champagne-like lotions. Available individually as open stock and as a 7-piece display that includes one free tester!

Item Number: 02048

How to Use

Shake well. Press nozzle to apply onto desired areas and gently massage into skin until fizzing sound subsides. You will instantly feel a cooling, tingling sensation generated by the effervescent nourishing hydrators in the lotion. Use daily or whenever skin feels chapped and dry.



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